Our Company

Memo is a design company serving the contract furniture market. We work with accomplished designers around the world to create furniture for shared and transitional interior spaces that exist across work and life. We design, manufacture, and sell, a portfolio of seating, tables, and casework with modest custom options. Memo is based in Seattle, Washington.

Our Philosophy

Motivated by design’s ability to positively affect the human condition, we create products that honor the essential. We believe that design engages best when it gets out of the way. At its most elemental, design compels us to nurture a deeper connection to an object’s fundamental qualities, giving voice to the materials from which it was made, the techniques by which it was crafted, and the designer by whom it was imagined. Through this process of distillation, we aim to create a world free of excess and the unnecessary, bringing us closer to the things that provide meaning and fulfillment. It’s when design honors the essential that we, in turn, honor the most essential of all: the human experience.

Our Team

  • Company team headshots Dave Simon JC 6768 bw dave

    Dave Simon

  • Company team headshots Gary Cruce JC 6834 bw gary

    Gary Cruce

  • Company team headshots Pascal Manzari JC 7553

    Pascal Manzari

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    Ed Orner

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    Sam Rosenberg

Our Designers

Strong and lasting design partnerships are essential to our brand and our product design aspirations. Memo’s Designers are a global team of accomplished independent designers. Their work and design philosophies come together at Memo, and uniquely shape our brand, product offer, and culture.

Our Founders Story

Memo’s founding partners, Bobby Holt, Lee Falck, Dave Simon, and Gary Cruce, are a team of designers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Our relationships began in 2002 at Seattle-based Brandrud Furniture, where we partnered to transform a small regional furniture company into a highly successful brand and operation known for its focus on design and innovation. In 2008, industry leader Herman Miller acquired Brandrud and integrated the company into their emerging markets business.

New and separate paths ensued following the 2008 sale, but the time together at Brandrud illuminated the potential of our team and inspired the idea that we could do more great work together. After ten years of respective new ventures and career advancements, this idea gained momentum. Our vision was to come back together, harness our chemistry and experience, and do something memorable that could respond to the current cultural context, address the needs of the industry, and leverage great design to impact people in positive ways. In 2018 we reconvened and launched Memo Furniture.