Powder Coating on Metal

Memo offers powder coat finishes on its metal components. The powder coat process is a reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly method for protecting metalwork from corrosion and damage. The benefits are also decorative. Powders can be selected from a wide range of vivid colors, and customized to achieve unique combinations of texture, sheen, and saturation.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that uses electrostatic forces to adhere a powder to a part, and heat to cure the powder. Operations typically use either conveyer-belt or cart-based systems to move parts through a series of stages. Parts first pass through a loading station and then onto a spray booth, where a powder gets applied to them. They then move to a curing oven of approximately 392°F (200°C), where they sit for about 30 minutes. The parts terminate in a holding area for cooling, offloading, and inspection.

The material used for powder coating is made by mixing and grinding resin, pigment, filler, and binder. In a spray booth, the mixture is fed to a charged nozzle spray gun. which applies a high-voltage negative charge to the powder. The part receiving the powder mixture is electrically grounded, so an electrical potential difference is created between the particle and the powder –attracting the powder to the workpiece in an even fashion.

Powder coating has a low environmental impact, due to powder utilization levels over 95%. (These levels are also much higher than wet spray-painting methods. which are less efficient and produce more waste). Additionally, since all necessary materials for the coating are contained in the powder, there is no need to suspend the powder in a solvent or water, which can be harmful to the operator and the environment.

Memo’s palette of powder coats has been curated by the colorist, Laura Guido-Clark specifically for Memo. The palette consists of a range of base neutrals and select bold colors. To see our offer, browse our finishes overview here.

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